Neoneme Computing – James the Tech Guy – James Meléndez / Jaime Patricio Meléndez

Near yOu Near Me (NeONeMe) computing is paradigm shift that we still have not seen in complete practice yet. This is a concept that does not necessarily imply that all software will run on remote networks. Maybe some day that all of our computing needs will be taken care by some unknown server or servers somewhere and everywhere at once. But what is clear is that a software that I have on my system that is not accessible to anyone I need to communicate is not only inconvenient it may be a hindrance and those days will be behind us.

More of a hindrance is not being able to compute more quickly; exchange ideas, give / get feedback in a real-time environment; not speeding things up as technology is usually accused of doing but a dialogue—a true communication, a clarifer.

We are still years away from a comprehensive Neoneme. The obstacles can and will be overcome; overcoming will be from a very different business and revenue model than we have today. And more interestingly will be a paradigmatic shift in terms of general population and their relationship to computing. Also, a more seamless productivity software that will talk to other systems, networks and applications and again add in Neoneme computing.

When you look at Microsoft it increasingly looks more out of touch than ever; and more out of touch with Neoneme computing; Microsoft’s business model is selling software per system or suite at a time. The Microsoft model requires each user to have purchased software that is truly limited and it is a far-fetched idea that is ironically the legacy we have today.

What is clear is that Google has understood there is a need for Neoneme computing; but with that being said it is not clear how they understand this need. Google’s mail, calendar and docs are having a practical way of being near you and near me; Google’s gMail is far more differentiated that other email products today; Google’s calendar is innovative and interesting and is markedly different and when compared to Outlook is outstanding.

Neoneme computing will look quite different than what we have to do; more accessible than what we have today; more robust and far more an equalizer than any product or approach today. Another interesting thing is that there is not assurance that Google will still retain it’s position in Neoneme or it’s current infancy today. Neoneme will arrive but in incremental ways and in some ways will be a greater extension of the social media movement to bind social things closer together; near you near me.

© 2009 James Meléndez / Jaime Patricio Meléndez


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