iPad – WiFi + 3G – Tablet Computing’s First Darling

iPad’s initial debut earlier this year was mixed at best. A considerable amount of disappointment with what iPad didn’t have—a phone, a camera or video cam were cited as chief complaints.

But those disappointments seemed to fade upon release of the iPad. I did go to an Apple store to see and experience this anticipated product and I was somewhat intrigued but not in love. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the device. I kept wondering did I need it and wasn’t my MacBookPro and iPod enough? Seems like they were symbiotic and complimented each other and wasn’t I getting enough of my computing completed? Wasn’t my Mac environments everything I needed?

But then I started to think of my travel plans and how disconnected I was from my machines and my computing obligation didn’t stop just because I was traveling or being away from my computer. Then it was working on a project that turned my attention to iPad. I didn’t want to take my MacBookPro everywhere—and it was also not easy for turning on or off on the fly. Time was more of the essence and my modern life of constant interruption I needed a device that was easily transported, robust, and richly integrated with my online portals and tools and content that I need to develop or needed some refinement.

It was my needs that warranted my buy of iPad. The in-store experience was good but I was not itching to have one. The games and curiosities just seemed to be it’s main sell point—at least with the people who were test driving iPad.

iPad has proven it’s worth to me; being on a trip where I was delayed by 4-hours at an airport feels like an eternity except when you have access or at least a connection to your non-airport / non-travel life. It makes a nuances of long and arduous travel time less disruptive. I was able to find a power source, stream a movie and work on my writing.

iPad itself is a slim and slightly weightier device then what one might expect. But it’s slim silhoutte is compelling and modern and certainly makes one say—why didn’t we have this several years ago. The 10-hour battery makes for something that is durable and I have never used more than 50% power levels. The initial use after it’s complete power up is robust and makes you appreciate the device even more. Just by using it you expect the power level to decrease markedly but it doesn’t.

The clarity of the backlit seems to be highly controllable and crisp. The outside controls of volume and on-off make for handy adjustments and if you have a remote on your headphone it operates well. The only disappointment is sound adjustment at the maximum level is disappointing—not that you want a uber loud setting but slightly north of where it is today would be appreciated.

There is no hiccup while operating music and viewing photos or using an app. But it would be nice to have a nicer more MacBook desktop—or at least some customizability. It seems to be only oriented to app icons—while looking for your docs is another question. I had to download several PDF apps but have not been absolutely sold on one. There are some very good apps but many apps have a long way to go—many need to match the high integrity level of the iPad. Many apps seem to be much less sophisticated and have so many drawbacks that make many computing operations less-than-robust or not possible. But the good news is that the apps will have to evolve in order to survive. I recommend updating your iPads OS when ever you can. I found that PDFs or other attachments have gotten stuck in Mail and I have at times have had to remove email accounts and re-enter.

The keyboard is light years ahead of the teeny time iPad keyboard. It does take time getting use to but input is what should have been developed several years ago. I have mine on the sounds turned off. Using iPad it becomes more apparent that iPhone and iPod are cute—toy-like. I use my smaller i-device less often because the input is just too small and the screen much too small to find enjoyable and the iPad is just right (as in the 3-bears).

Some basic app functionality is relatively flat. Pages is the word processing editor and is completely disappointment—a weak app which leaves one wondering why bother. The hope is on the horizon for a more robust offering of basic apps to come.

iPad is here to stay and tablet computing and we cannot go back—there is no reason to—and with that being said—I cannot give up my very robust MacBookPro. It is all good and this tablet computer promises to be a leader for years to come and we will all look up to the successive generations.


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