Air Computing: Beyond the Cloud – James Meléndez / Jams the Tech Guy

Bridging the world of computing environments and realities from point of movement is essential to solving continuity in computing.

When I leave my house each day I have a phasic and stark shift in my computing environment. My data stranded in one device to another and the hope they are unified or synch properly are at best questionable.

The transport from office to home and in between is not a bridge but a figurative plane that we jump from one continent to the next. The only difference is that if we do this physically there is a high certainty of getting there. However jumping the data continents is highly risky and the unification of data file returning back to the way it was found requires a good memory and a manual update.

But for iPad—which looks promising from so many vantage points is poised to be successful of at least offering the possibility of being productive in the bridge time between work and home and vice versa.

While the computing is made richer and more portable—what it doesn’t seem to be solved in this computing go around is how do we lift, access, carry and synch what we have and how we continue to update, edit, copy, move and manipulate our files.

I do need my robust tools and base of knowledge—my computing base—all the time and I do need that help in place with access to data. The data continuity is essential and seems to be little solved either by device or network. Satisfaction has yet to be achieved. And right now few have articulated the need but over a course of time and more apps being developed; they are only so good as they are to use and access the data sitting down as it does on the run.

Data in the cloud is great but the software in combination with constant network connection and updating will make for a true revolution. It will be the quiet revolution.

Data does need to be stored in the cloud and device but the technology will need to do its part to stay connected to the data source wherever it may be. This is what I call air computing; the cloud is a good term but doesn’t fully explain what the air computing platform can and will do. And it will need to be by design and purpose.

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