Not ready to Leap… for Mountain Lion – James Meléndez / Jams the Tech Guy

Each day when I am out I am always eager to return home if I don’t have my MacBook Pro. I do have my bridge device—that is those that help me stay web connected—iPhone, iPad. I have found the iOS to be so unremarkable that while I am glad to have my bridge devices I am eager to be rid of them when I have a fully capable system. iOS is slow—oftentimes I have pointed at my iPad to launch a site or function and have to put finger to screen many times. Some applications don’t launch or go down abruptly. There is a lack of robustness and even simple things cannot be done. Try to launch several apps in iPad…. So you might be downloading the latest New Yorker and the very slow download is hardly entertaining—while you wait—you either have to find another devise or look for something non-digitally to do.

So if Apple wants to bring iPad/iPhone and Mac OS more seamlessly together I become concerned. Concerned because I would not like to see that the a pre-Mountain Lion be such an iOS experience. It is a very complex project to bring these together. Though Apple has a great track record they have not always gotten it right. I am surprised there isn’t more outcry about iOS—but I think that is because the consumer needs the portability of a small but not too small computing device and ultimately forgive the cumbersome iOS.

I will no doubt remain ultra cautious and test drive Mountain Lion before converting over.


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