Twitter is Important; Twitter is no Yahoo – James Melendez

A skyward view of Twitter Headquarters

Twitter is no Yahoo. Yahoo’s time to turn around has probably passed it by. There are a few Yahoo properties that are good but overall there is not enough of a centrifugal force to keep it together. Listening to a lot of commentary on Yahoo even with a robust email base of a 1 billion accounts is not enough at least in 2016 to keep it together.

Twitter has always had a back chorus of doubters–I remember reading articles in the early days of Twitter who not only were doubters but Twitter but in my opinion didn’t have the vision of what Twitter is, was and can be.

Facebook has rarely been doubted. It is a closed social media architecture–sure it is easy to join and “see” what might be hidden; ultimately for someone you have not friended or been friended many people are hidden. I am not open to everyone on Facebook just friends.

Twitter has allowed anyone to quickly view almost all Tweets on the timeline. For me being Facebook in the Friends only position is fine — I like that option. But for me being on Twitter is to be open at least for my Tweets to be viewable. I do like the direct message feature which is vital for making Twitter a viable social media and communication portal/media.

Twitter is relevant and my opinion can always be relevant. I do want to see Tweets from people I know and from well known personalities and organizations. I do see Tweets as a way to quickly get communication from the sources that I want to see comments, reactions, views… It is not so clear cut to see that on Facebook in a quick click.

Jack Dorsey’s 24-January-2016 Tweet about senior changes at Twitter says that “all four (senior management) will be taking some well-deserved time off” was meant to sound kind but in corporate speak came across as anything other than kind. It is a surprise to see so many people top manager depart at one time has created a lot of swirl: something above urgent and below emergency. I don’t think if one person left it would resonate the way the four senior manager have on observers inside and out of Twitter.

I am neither endorsing nor detracting Jack Dorsey or his actions. It is hard to understand intent versus action. Dorsey has his work cut out for him but perhaps with more aligned manager he can get to that vision to further crisp up his vision of Twitter. I have noticed slow down of Twitter in terms of conversations that I use to have…. the excitement and use in the early days of Twitter. Twitter has worked to align several video components: Vine, Periscope and Twitter video. While YouTube is a huge holder of video content and attending last year’s VidCon there is no consensus that YouTube will always hold that. I think YouTube is aware of that and working hard to build and keep it core audience.

Twitter’s ‘secret sauce’ is in it’s simplicity. Personally I am not interested in going on Facebook and seeing what is happening on every company’s page–who has that kind of time? Twitter needs to and can find a way to get people Tweeting again. I don’t have the time to be on every social media and spent a lot of time but when it comes to Twitter I spend a very small portion of time and get a lot of conversations completed.

I think Twitter fill find a way.

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