New iPhone X – Initial Impressions Rating: 95 Points – James Melendez

Comparing iPhoneX (Left) and iPhone 7+ (right)

I got iPhone 7+ last year and mainly because I needed to upgrade my photography capability but beyond it there were not very many other upgrades from the iPhone 6.

The last three generations if I include iPhone 6 and above have been the most durable phones I have ever owned. On a particularly rainy January when I just had my iPhone 6+ it had fallen out of my jacket pocked onto a running stream of water on a City street.  No cracking and no damage.  The phone was completely covered with water for several seconds.  I thought it was a goner not kept on ticking.

The iPhone 7+ for me was a great addition except the colour–rose gold is not my colour but it was the only phone available at the time of purchase.  I thought to myself “challenge yourself, live out of your comfort zone.”  Yes, I get that comfort zone stuff but regardless rose gold was just not me.

Ordering iPhone X was of course a challenge…. you think service providers offering iPhone X would have done something like UAT (User Acceptability Testing) the mobile app and website.  Nope… it wasn’t done.

A long story short my service provider provided amazing service via Twitter.  Yes, Twitter is still useful… very useful.


I have an OLED television and, of course, based on the experience of my LG television I had to have this on my phone.  What I like about OLED is that there is a true black lighting of darker or black images.   The differences between say resolution between iPhoneX and previous generation may not be noticeable.  Compare two of the same dark images and you will see how OLED add a stunning variation of black lighting for a fall in love photograph and satisfaction with OLED technology.

Do I miss the home button??


Facial recognition is simple, precise–thought I did no test to “fool” the phone.  I am sure there will many a media hype but for me I am fine with the facial recognition and the security of it.  You forget that you are using it as often as you do use it and that is the way it should be.

For the second time using the phone I turned it off because I felt the need to turn something “on.”  The on-off button works as it should – when “on” and then pressing it will turn the phone off…  it did just that, of course, accidentally.  It is a quick learning a ease-of-use exercise.  It will come to you sooner rather than later.

The iPhone X is the height is 5.65 inches (143.6 mm) by a width 2.79 inches (70.9 mm) and weight of 6.14 oz (174 grams) and I contrast this with my last iPhone:

The iPhone 7+ height is 6.13 inches (158.2 mm) by a width 3.07 inches (77.9 mm) and a thickness of .29 inches (7.3 mm) and weight of  188 grams or 6.63 oz.

Now if iPhoneX and the last generation were the same size I doubt there would be a savings in weight of device.  They would most likely be the same.

My rating though a strong one is also showing my desire for the Plus size.  I do a lot of reading.  But I still love the iPhoneX.  It is apparent that the phone size has little to do with me or you but more so with the engineering and design team to get a phone they like the best.  I do suspect over time the sizes will once again change.  But until then I will be fine.

The full screen elegance is uncanny and I am sure the next generations the screens will go over the edge.   The full screen is very appreciable as it goes to the top when the carve out for the camera and facial recognition highlight nicely the screen around.   There are fewer top icons but perhaps progress requires fewer.  If it were up to me, I would have figured out a way to give all of the phone systems readouts.

The overall handset’s case seems like it was nicely alienesque – I mean this in a good way.  It seems so solid state that an alien culture would probably only have a handset just like this one.  I love the glass back–it doesn’t seem like glass but it certainly doesn’t have a metal look either.  It certainly looks infinitely modern, pleasing and if I already didn’t have a hard time to ply my hands away from the older generation.  I am sure my hands will never be plied away from this elegant, graceful and beautiful device.

As I have with my past phones I will treat this phone with as much kind handling as possible–no stress test or back pocket testing for me.

I love the Control Centre being in the upper right corner – doesn’t seem intuitive at first but it is a lovely design – great to see software playing very nicely with hardware.

Was it worth staying up late hours to get phone?




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